Chemical Technology
Senior Principal Scientist
Organic Chemistry
01894-233339 Ext. 431
  • Development of polystyrene supported nanocomposite materials as catalyst (Pd@PS, Rh@PS, Au@PS, Ru@PS, etc.) for C-C, C-X coupling, oxidation, carbonylation, oxidative esterification and reduction reactions emphasis on regio- and chemo-selectivity.
  • Heterogeneous nano-catalytic approaches for CO/CO2 fixation reactions using oxalic acid as bench stable C1 surrogate.
  • Semi-synthetic approaches for total synthesis of biologically active benzosuberene/ benzocycloheptene compounds from Cedrus deodara oil, a natural precursor.
  • Scalable process for commercially important cyclohexane-1,3-diones production.
  • Furan based bio-chemicals production from bio-mass, scale-up process.

2002-2004: Junior Research Fellowship during Ph.D.

2004-2005: Senior Research Fellowship during Ph.D.

2005-2007: Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Umea University, Umea, Sweden.

2003-Continuing: Life Member- Chemical Research Society of India, Member ID: LM551.

2006: Tetrahedron Letters Most Cited Paper 2003–06 Award” by Elsevier Ltd. Oxford, UK.

Microwave-assisted Suzuki coupling on a KF–alumina surface: synthesis of polyaryls, Basudeb Basu, Pralay Das, Md. M. H. Bhuiyan and Satadru Jha, Tetrahedron Letters, 2003, 44(19), 3817-3820.

2011-12: Member of American Nano Society, Member ID: 113120.

2016: ACS Publications Award, Certificate of Recognition for Reviewing Activities.

2019-2021: Bentham Ambassador, Bentham Science Publishers.

2020: Honorary Rosalind (Franklin) Member of London Journals Press, #UB66344.

2021-2022: Affiliate member of Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

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Ph.D. Awarded:

  1.     Dr. Dharminder Sharma: GNDU-2013; 
  2.     Dr. Bandna: GIDU-2013; 
  3.     Dr. Arun Kumar Shil: AcSIR-2015;
  4.     Dr. Nitul Ranjan Guha: AcSIR-2016
  5.     Dr. Sandeep Kumar: AcSIR-2017
  6.     Dr. Richa Bharti: AcSIR-2017
  7.     Dr. C. Bal Reddy: AcSIR-2017
  8.     Dr. Vandna Thakur: AcSIR-2018
  9.     Dr. Saurabh Sharma: AcSIR-2018
  10.   Dr. Dhananjay Bhattacherjee: AcSIR-2019

Present Research Group:

Ph.D. Fellow: 

  1.     Shaifali, SRF-UGC
  2.     Shankar Ram, SRF-CSIR
  3.     Ajay Kumar Sharma, DST-INSPIRE Fellow
  4.     Arvind Singh Chauhan, DST-INSPIRE Fellow
  5.     Sheetal- CSIR-UGC 
  6.     Ashish Kumar, CSIR-JRF
  7.     Ajay Kumar, JRF
  8.     Yamini, CSIR, PA-II
  9.     Pushkar Mehara, CSIR-JRF
  10.   Rohit Bains, CSIR-JRF
  11.   Poonam Sharma, CSIR-JRF

Former members:

1. Dharminder Sharma, Assistant Professor, Arni University, Kangra, H.P.

2. Abha Chaudhary: Assistant Professor, Kurukshetra University, Haryana

3. Manish Kumar: Assistant Professor, DAV University, Jalandhar

4. Sumit Dadhwal: Ph.D. fellow, University of Otago, New Zealand

5. Nidhi Agarwal: RI up to February 2012

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