Dedicated to Provide High Quality Research Support

Institute has state of the art infrastructure facilities and hi-end equipments and extends research support to academic institutes, R&D organizations and Industries through e-Portal Software

  • Analytic services: qualitative and quantitative analysis, chemical profiling and standardization of materials/products
  • NexGen Sequencing: library preparation and sequencing of genome and transcriptome)
  • Soil, plants and nano-material analyses
  • Preclinical testing services (toxicity studies in zebra fish, oral and dermal toxicity evaluation in mice and rats), hematological and histopathological analysis, cytotoxicity studies on different human cancer cell lines
  • The institute is authorized for “Post entry quarantine (PEQ)” inspection for import of in vitro TC materials vide Gazette of India notification
  • Plant viral indexing
  • Others (acute anti-convulsant activity- PTZ model, animals- mice, rats for testing)
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • COVID19 testing facility


We prefer online fund transfer as per following details. However please send an email to Dr. Dinesh Kumar () mentioning details of online transfer.

Bank Details of CSIR-IHBT

1. Accounts Holder Name DIRECTOR IHBT
2. Name of the Bank State Bank of India
3. Name of the Branch SBI HPAU
4. Branch Code 3632
5. Bank Account No. 30268795419
6. Type of Account  Savings
7. IFSC Code SBIN0003632
8. MICR Code 176002063
9. GSTIN No. 02AAATC2716R1ZR





Sno Name of the Study/Assay/Activity Charges (Rs.) including GST
1 RAPD Analysis of Gerbera cultures Rs 6920/-



Sno Name of the Study/Assay/Activity Charges (Rs.) including GST
1 SEM Analysis rates (per sample) Rs 5842/-
2 Particle size analzser rates (per sample) Rs 1965/-
3 Fluorescence spectrophotometer rates (per sample) Rs 1437/-
4 Biological sample preparation and sectioning using ultramicrotome for TEM Rs 31270/-
5 MALDI-TOF-MS analysis per sample Rs. 6086/-
6 RAPD analysis of plant leave sample with one primer(per sample) Rs. 5140/-
7 Sanger Sequencing per sample (up to 750 bp)  
  i) Plant DNA sequencing with DNA extraction up to analysis Rs. 8600/-
  ii) DNA sequencing rates of a pure amplified product Rs. 4800/-
  iii) DNA sequencing rates of secondary PCR product Rs. 1600/-
 8  Plant DNA barcoding rates:(minimum batch of 8 samples)  
  i) DNA barcoding of plant Leaves sample with DNA extraction up to analysis for one loci per sample Rs. 13400/-
  ii) DNA barcoding with purified DNA up to analysis for one loci per sample Rs. 10000/-
9 Crude protein analysis (per sample) Rs. 1180/-
10 Basic nutritional analysis of food products (per sample)
Crude Protein, Crude Fat, Total carbohydrates Dietary Fibre, Total Ash Moisture content
Rs. 5900/-
11 Flow cytometry sample cost analysis (per sample) Rs. 8309/-

 * For detailed project and other term & conditions. kindly contact analytical Facility @ CSIR-IHBT, Palampur



Sno Number of samples  Cost including GST (Rs.)
1 One soil sample analysis Rs. 3,132.00/-
2 Six soil sample analysis Rs. 18,791.00/-
3 Processing of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (parameters Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Mg, Na, K, Ca, Ni, Cr, Cd, Pb) per sample Rs. 334.00/-



Sno Name of the Study/Assay/activity  Price (including GST)
1. Acute oral toxicity study - Rat  Rs. 69,207/-
2. Subacute oral toxicity study - Rat  Rs. 3,06,800/-
3. Acute dermal toxicity study - Rat  Rs. 47,200/-
4 Haematology Analysis - Rat, Mice, Guinea pig, Hamster  Rs. 625/-
5 Histopathology Analysis - Rat, Mice, Guinea pig, Hamster  Rs. 578/-
6 Preparation of cream/ointment and its analysis-lab scale (upto 100 gm)  Rs. 59,000/-
7 Formulation development of botanical extracts - lab scale (solid dosage form)  Rs. 59,000/-