Utilization of traditional, underutilized and low-value bioresource for development of high-end products of international stantards.

Develop efficient evaluation methods of global standards


Development of high valued food, nutraceutical products and quality evaluation with internationally acceptable standards


  • Nutraceutical product development from tea and local bioresource
  • Development of non-traditional food products based on local food bioresources
  • Quality control, safety/toxicity and efficacy evaluation of molecules/products developed at CSIR-IHBT
  • Gluten free products:
    • Buckwheat
  • Nutrimix powder and Nutribar
  • Tea catechins/RTS and other tea based value added products
  • Protocols set for
    • Wound healing (in vitro and in vivo)
    • Cardio and hepatoprotective (in vitro and in vivo)
    • Antidiabetic (in vitro and in vivo)
    • Antiproliferative (in vitro and in vivo)
    • Neuroprotective (in vitro and in vivo)
    • Antiepileptic (in vivo)

Head of Department

Dr. Shashi Bhushan

Sr. Principal Scientist


Phone:- +91-1894-233339 (O) Intercom 387


  • Dr. Mahesh Gupta
  • Dr. Yogendra Shantaram Padwad
  • Dr.Vikram Patial
  • Dr Damanpreet Singh
  • Dr. Narendra Vijay Tirpude
  • Dr. Ankit Saneja