National Diagnostics for determination of virus

On February 6, 2004 through a Gazette notification by the Govt. of India, IHBT has been recognized as a centre for testing tissue culture raised plants against viruses in floriculture crops. The facility can be availed by the interested parties to get their micropropagated plants certified.

Pesticide Residue Analysis

IHBT has a Nationally recognized facility to test pesticide residues in tea and herbal products. The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments and novel protocols are in place to undertake the testing. The facility can be availed to test pesticide level in desired products.

GIS Facility

IHBT has established Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing facility. The lab has hardware like computers, plotter, scanner and software like Erdas Image 8.6, Arc GIS 8.3 etc. The facility can be availed by government organizations and national bodies to know the Landscape element types and assess the land use/ forest covers of the desired area.

Other Facilities

  • The soil analysis is undertaken on request
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Estimation of Essential Oils and analyses of Active Ingredients of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • Analysis of Pesticide Residues and Identification of Pesticide Metabolites
  • Virus Indexing of Ornamental Plants
  • The expertise and computation facility can be availed for creation of databases