Cutting edge research with strategic and comprehensive knowledge on bioresources and ecosystems of high altitude Himalaya


Assessing, monitoring and conserving Himalayan bioresources vis-a-vis understanding plant strategies and functions for its sustainable utilization


  • Survey and inventorization of plant resources
  • Geospatial mapping of plant bioresources
  • Functional ecology and trait analysis
  • Long term ecological research monitoring
  • Documentation of plant associated traditional knowledge
  • Introduction, domestication and development of agrotechniques economically for important plant resources
  • Ex-situ conservation of rare, threatened and endangered plant species
  • Generating quality planting material
  • Modeling species and ecosystem vulnerability to changing climatic conditions
  • Databases development of plant bioresources
  • Providing services for bioresource management
  • Awareness, outreach and capacity building

Head of Department

Dr. Amit Kumar

Senior Principal Scientist and Head


Phone:- +91-1894-233339 (O) Intercom 374


  • Dr. Sanjay K. Uniyal
  • Dr. Amit Chawla
  • Dr. Ashok Singh
  • Dr. Vikas Kumar