Sustaining productivity and improving quality of tea, high value floriculture, medicinal, aromatic and other potential crops through agro-technological interventions, varietal improvement and delivery of characterized planting material to the end users


Development of agro-technologies and quality planting material of high value commercial and industrial crops


आवेदन हेतु आमंत्रण: किसानों के लिए रेफर वैन की उपलब्धता।

  • Development of improved cultivars and agro-technology (Smarth Bharat):
    • Floriculture (Gerbera, Calla lily, Marigold, Lilium, Chrysanthemum, Rose, Bird of Paradise, Alstroemeria, Gladiolus, Hydrangea, orchids)
    • MAPs (Stevia, Damask Rose, Acorus, Tagetes, Picrorhiza, Salvia etc.)
    • Tea & High Value Crops (Large cardamom, saffron)
    • Wild ornamentals & New Crops (Natural sweetener/biofuel, Incarvillea)
  • Conservation and maintenance of targeted endangered plant species for future use (Support for Strategic Sector)
  • Mechanization of farm operations (Smarth Bharat):
    • Mitigate labour shortage
    • Improve returns
  • Generation of quality planting material; human-resource development and agro-technology transfer (Smart Village)
  • Skill development in modern agriculture (Skill Development)
  • Introduction of plants for specific purpose (Clean India)
    • Indoor plants for clean environment and indoor insect control
    • Miniature plants

Head of Department

Dr. Sanatsujat Singh

Sr Principal Scientist and Head


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  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar
  • Dr. Probir Kumar Pal
  • Dr. Gireesh Nadda
  • Dr. Bhavya Bhargava
  • Dr. Jeremy Dkhar
  • Dr. Poonam Kumari
  • Dr. Satbeer Singh
  • Dr. Ramesh