To be a world-recognised center for the discovery, development and commercialization of high-value natural products derived from Himalayan bioresources


Fundamental and translational research for sustainable development of functional natural products from Himalayan bioresources


  • Beneficiary Sectors
  • Pharmaceuticals Food & Nutraceutical; Agrochemicals; Perfumery & fragrances; Flavor, Cosmetics
  • Metabolomic studies
    • Chemo-profiling
    • Quality control
  • Technologies developed
    • Process for steviol glycosides
    • Process for aescin extraction
    • Essential oil extraction technique
    • Process for catechin
  • Synthetic methodologies
    • Nanocatalyst research
    • Organocatalyst research
    • Total synthesis

Head of Department

Dr Pralay Das

Principal Scientist


Phone:- +91-1894-233339 (0) Intercom 431


  • Dr.Vijai Kant Agnihotri
  • Er. Mohit Sharma
  • Dr. Upendra Sharma
  • Dr. Pamita Bhandari
  • Dr. Dinesh Kumar
  • Ms. Amit Kumari