Dietetics & Nutrition Technology
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Food Science and Technology
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My current research area is in the development of functional food proteins and nutraceutical, Prebiotics and probiotics, Ethnic and traditional food of India for healthy life thtough underutilized and unexplored food bioresources. I also studied the structure-functional properties in different food matrix using different statistical modeling and data analysis techniques. Furthermore, executing the scale up of developed technology for stakeholders in pilot scale production.  In particular, my main accomplishment is in the innovative food product development, cereal, pulses & legumes processing using mathematical modeling in order to assess the performance of food processes. The study of structure and function relationships of food components is a key to the design of new foods: ingredient formulation and food components. Comprehensive study of production processes have a major role in commercial food product development, but their impact on food structure at different size scale using flow behavior, visco-elasticity and fluid dynamics in colloidal system. I actively establish the research lead on health-inducing properties of protein, peptide and their hydrolyzate (e.g. bioavailability/efficacy of nutrients/bioactive), Characterization free and bound phytochemical as soluble and insoluble form in food matrixes and



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