Senior Scientist
Plant Microbe Interaction, Molecular Biology, Biotic stress
(01894) 233339 Ext 305;

Present focus of lab is on following topics:

¤ Elucidation of pathogenicity mechanism of Venturia inaequalis infection during onset of apple scab disease through genomics and transcriptomics approach

¤ Identification of PGPRs for growth promotion of important crops in western himalayan region eg. Saffron & Potato 

¤ Understanding the role of NBS-LRR genes during pathogen infection using Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology approach


  • Awarded “National Scholarship under Centre of Advance Study Schemescholarship during Masters under Delhi University (2002-2004).
  • Awarded GATE-2003, with percentile 96.72 (All India Rank-112).
  • Awarded CSIR-JRF 2004 (Top 20: called for SPMF test).
  • 1st Prize as co-author in poster presentation during national conference at Mysore (2010).
  • DBT-NIPGR short term research associateship from 2013.
  • Travel grants from CICS, India to attend international conference New Phytologist: Next Generation Scientist held in Norwich, UK, 2014 (Did not avail). 

Editorship: Review Editor in Frontiers in Microbiology since May, 2021

Five Recent Publications:

Namo Dubey, Umesh Pankaj, Vimal Chandra Pandey, Kunal Singh (2021) Role of plant-microbial secondary metabolites in stress mitigation: Current Knowledge and Future Directions. Eds U Pankaj & VC Pandey in Microbial Based Land Restoration Handbook: Plant Microbial Interaction and Soil Remediation” Vol. 1; CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, USA (Provisionally accepted)

Kanchan Yadav, Pooja Yadav, Kunal Singh (2021) Microbial mediated molecular mechanisms to cope-up salinity and drought stress in plants. Eds U Pankaj & VC Pandey in Microbial Based Land Restoration Handbook: Soil and Plant Health Development, Vol. 2; CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, USA (Provisionally accepted)

Manisha Sinha, Ankita Shree, Kunal Singh, Kamal Kumar, Shreenivas Kumar Singh Vimlesh Kumar, Praveen Kumar Verma (2021) Modulation of fungal virulence through CRZ1 regulated F-BAR-dependent actin remodeling and endocytosis in chickpea infecting phytopathogen Ascochyta rabiei. PLoS Genetics, 17th May, 2021;

Ranjeet Maurya, Yeshveer Singh, Manisha Sinha, Kunal Singh, Pallavi Mishra, Shreenivas Kumar Singh, Sandhya Verma, Kanchan Prabha, Kamal Kumar & Praveen Kumar Verma (2020) Transcript Profiling Reveals Potential Regulators for Oxidative Stress Response of a Necrotrophic Chickpea Pathogen Ascochyta rabiei. 3Biotech, 10(3):117

Namo Dubey and Kunal Singh (2018) Role of NBS-LRR proteins in plant defense. (Ch 5) In: Singh A, Singh I, (eds) Molecular Aspects of Plant-Pathogen Interaction. Springer Nature, ISBN 978-981-10-7371-7

Refer to NCBI for complete list:



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 PhD Scholar

Ms Namo Dubey

Ms Kanchan Yadav

Ms Anjali Chaudhary

Ms Pooja Yadav

Research Associate/Project Assistant/Project Staff: Dr Tina Roy, Ms Parika Sood, Mr Sidharth Patidar

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