Plant Microbe Interaction, Molecular Biology, Biotic stress
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Present focus of lab is on following topics:

¤ Elucidation of pathogenicity mechanism of Venturia inaequalis infection during onset of apple scab disease through genomics and transcriptomics approach

¤ Identification of PGPRs for growth promotion of important crops in western himalayan region eg. Saffron & Potato 

¤ Understanding the role of NBS-LRR genes during pathogen infection using Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology approach


  • Awarded “National Scholarship under Centre of Advance Study Schemescholarship during Masters under Delhi University (2002-2004).
  • Awarded GATE-2003, with percentile 96.72 (All India Rank-112).
  • Awarded CSIR-JRF 2004 (Top 20: called for SPMF test).
  • 1st Prize as co-author in poster presentation during national conference at Mysore (2010).
  • DBT-NIPGR short term research associateship from 2013.
  • Travel grants from CICS, India to attend international conference New Phytologist: Next Generation Scientist held in Norwich, UK, 2014 (Did not avail). 

Five selected publication

1) Namo Dubey and Kunal Singh (2018) Role of NBS-LRR proteins in plant defense. (Ch 5) In: Singh A, Singh I, (eds) Molecular Aspects of Plant-Pathogen Interaction. Springer Nature, ISBN 978-981-10-7371-7

2) Amaresh Chandra, P.K. Verma, N. Islam, M.P. Grisham R. Jain, A. Sharma, K. Roopendra, K. Singh, P. Singh, I. Verma & S. Solomon, (2015) Expression analysis of genes associated with sucrose accumulation in sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids) varieties differing in content and time of peak sucrose storage. Plant Biology: DOI: 10.1111/plb.12276 

3) Sadaf Hasan, Kunal Singh, Mohd Danisuddin, Praveen K Verma and Asad U Khan (2014) Inhibition of major virulence pathways of Streptococcus mutans by Quercitrin and Deoxynojirimycin: a synergistic approach of infection control. PLoS ONE 9(3): e91736

4) Kunal Singh, Shadab Nizam, Manisha Sinha, Praveen K Verma (2012). Comparative transcriptome analysis of the necrotrophic fungus Ascochyta rabiei during oxidative stress: Insight for fungal survival in the host plant. PLoS ONE 7(3): e33128

5) Shadab Nizam*, Kunal Singh*, Praveen Verma (2010). Expression of the fluorescent proteins DsRed and EGFP to visualize early events of colonization of the chickpea blight fungus Ascochyta rabiei. Current Genetics 56(4): 391-399 (*Equal contribution)


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Passionate and motivated students are welcome to join our group.

Lab Members: 

Research Associate

Dr Umesh Pankaj

PhD Scholar

Ms Namo Dubey

Ms Kanchan Yadav

Ms Anjali Chaudhary

Ms Pooja Yadav

Project Assistant

Ms Nilofer, Ms Gayatri, Ms Priyanka

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