Chemical Technology
Principal Scientist
Catalysis; C-H Activation; Natural Product Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry
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Group Website: CH Activation & Phytochemistry


Organic Synthesis & Catalysis

   C-H Activation/functionalization

   Atropselective C-H Activation/Functionalization


   Heterocycles Synthesis 

Phytochemistry (Himalayan Medicinal Plants)

    Isolation and structure elucidation of  plant secondary metabolites

    Standardization of plant extracts (targetted activity & four marker compounds) 

    Development of analytical methods (UPLC, GC, and NMR) 

    Chemical profiling using NMR (1D & 2D), UPLC-MS/MS, and GC-MS/MS

    Bio(Chemomatrcis)-based generation of plant authentication database

    NADES-based extraction/enrichment of plant products

Medicinal Chemistry 

    Discovery of new heterocycles as potential therapeutic agents 

    Scientific validation of plant traditional knowledge (Ayush or Phytopharma route)



      Project Completed: 17 (PI: 06;  Co-PI: 11); External Funded: 03

      Project Ongoing: 08 (PI: 03;  Co-PI: 05); External Funded: 05



Selected Publications in the last three years


Organic Synthesis and Catalysis 

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Complete List of  Publications



Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry(FRSC), London, UK (2023-)

Member of Early Career Board of  Science of Synthesis (2022-2023). [Link]

One Year Advance Promotion i.e., Merit Promotion from Scientist to Senior Scientist.

Member of the Early Career Advisory Board of Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry. [Link]

Manjushree Pal Memorial Award for Best Oral Presentation from Ethanopharmacology Society of India, Kolkata (2017)

Thieme Chemistry Journal Award (2016)

Postdoc Fellowship KAIST, South Korea (2014)

D S Kothari Postdoc Fellowship (2012)

Fast Track Young Scientist project for three years (2012)

CSIR Senior Research Fellowship (2009)

CSIR-Junior Research Fellowship (2007)

GATE (2007)

CSIR-NET (2006) 

Book Chapters

11. Quinolines (Update 2022)

U. Sharma,* R. Kumar, S. S. Gupta, D. Chandra.

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates (Thieme), 2022, 2, 63-327. [Link]


10. Integrated Approach for the Quality Assurance of Commercially Important Himalayan Medicinal Plants.

 P. S. Bora, P. S. Suresh, S. Kumari, Anmol, S. Puri, and U. Sharma.* 

Ekiert H. M., Ramawat K. G., Arora J. (eds)  

Medicinal Plants. Sustainable Development and Biodiversity (Springer), 2021, 28, 721-768[Link]


9. Steroidal Sapogenins from Genus Trillium: Chemistry, Synthesis, and Opportunities in Neuro-active Steroids Designing. 

P. S. Suresh, V. Bhatt, P. P. Singh, and U. Sharma.*

Studies in Natural Product Chemistry (Elsevier), 2021, 68, 67-95 . [Link


8. Direct Arylation via C-H activation.

U. Sharma, A. Modak, S. Maity, A. Maji, and D. Maiti.*

Thomas CoIacot eds., Introduction to New Trends in Cross-Coupling: Theory and   

Applications (RSC), 2014. [Link]


Complete List of Book Chapters


3. An Eco-friendly Process for Isolation of Fiber from Plant Species and Product thereof. 

M. Sharma, S. Thakur, U. Sharma, and S. Kumar. 

Ref. No. 202011034404. Date of Filing: 11-08-2020.  


2. Palladium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Benzofurans and Coumarins from Phenols and Olefins.

D. Maiti, U. Sharma, and N. Tagoti.  

Indian Patent No. 299110; Date of Grant: 24-07-2018.


1. Benzothiazole Substituted Phthalimide Analogues as Potential Angiogenesis Inhibitors.

B. Singh, S. Chattergi, N. Kumar and U. Sharma.  

Indian Patent No. 318680; Date of Grant: 22-08-2019.



Postdoc Fellow

Dr. Devesh Chandra


Ph.D. Fellows

Mr. Shiv Shankar Gupta

Mr. Sumit

Ms. Manisha

Mr. Anmol

Ms. Ankita Thakur

Ms. Shivani Puri

Ms. Shivani

Mr. Raman Singh

Ms. Mehak Sharma


Project Fellows

Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal

Mr. Sarthi

Ms. Tamanna Sharma

Mr. Shourabh Rav


Group Alumni 


Ph.D. Thesis Submitted

Mr. Prithvi Pal Singh, April 2024.


Ph.D. Thesis Awarded 

Dr. Rohit Kumar, April 2024. 

Dr. Devesh Chandra, March 2024.

Dr. Diksha Parmar, March 2024.

Dr. Surekha Kumari, February 2024.

Dr. Patil Shivprasad Suresh, February 2022. [Zhang Research Group, UNC, USA]

Dr. Ankit K Dhiman, December 2021. [Stepien Group, University of Wroclaw, Poland]

Dr. Inder Kumar, July 2021, Current Position: Asst. Prof. at Govt. Degree College (HPU) 

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, February 2020. [Olofsson Group, Stockholm University, Sweden]

Dr. Ritika Sharma, July 2019. [Prof. D. S. Rawat Group, Delhi University, India]

Dr. Deepali Katoch, July 2019 

Dr. Vinod Bhatt, February 2018



Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta, SPA, 2022-2023; Current Position: Postdoc at IIT Roorkee.

Dr. Vinod Bhatt, RA, 2018-2019.

Dr. Ashun Chaudhary, Postdoc, 2016-2018; Current Position: Asst. Prof. at CUHP.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Postdoc, 2016-2017; Current Position: Asst. Prof. at NIT Jalandhar.


Project Fellows and Trainees

21 Project Assistants and 23 Trainees worked in the lab.



Prospective Team Members

Two Ph.D. Positions are available for JRF candidates in the C-H activation area.


Postdoc Positions are Available for Self-Motivated Persons. 


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