Biotechnology (Bioinformatics)
Senior Scientist
Bioinformatics & Computational structural biology
+91-1894-233339 Ext 421
B.Pharmacy, M.Tech & Ph.D.

My scientific interests focus on range of issues related to structural bioinformatics. By adopting multidisciplinary approach combines first-principle physics with the analysis of biological systems such as 3-dimensional structure of proteins, protein-drug complex and nucleic acids, I would like to observe that how certain mutation alter the dynamics behavior of proteins and its interaction with other molecules. I am very much interested in molecular folding, evolution, and binding interactions, and structure/function relationships of experimentally solved structures and from computational models.

Key Publications;

1) Purohit R*. Role of ELA region in auto-activation of mutant KIT receptor: a molecular dynamics simulation insight. J Biomol Struct Dyn. 2014;32(7):1033-46.

2) Kumar A, Rajendran V, Sethumadhavan R, Purohit R*. Molecular dynamic simulation reveals damaging impact of RAC1 F28L mutation in the switch I region. PLoS One. 2013;8(10):e77453.

3) Kumar A and Purohit R*. Computational screening and molecular dynamics simulation of disease associated nsSNPs in CENP-E. Mutat Res. 2012;738-739:28-37.

4) Kumar A and Purohit R*. Computational investigation of pathogenic nsSNPs in CEP63 protein. Gene. 2012;503(1):75-82.

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GATE fellowship - MHRD Govt. of India

Postdoctoral fellow - Human genetics foundation, Torino Italy (Web-link)

I am looking for highly motivated students with independent fellowship like CSIR/UGC/DBT/INSPIRE are welcome to contact. Candidates interested in applying for their own postdoctoral/ Ph.D funding should contact with detailed CV and research interest.

Current Group:

Graduate Students/ Research Fellows

 1.      Mr. Sachin Kumar, Ph.D candidate

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