Senior Principal Scientist
Molecular Genetics & Genomics
01894-233339 Ext. 358,458

Our current efforts are to exploit NextGen Sequencing technologies for identification genome wide molecular markers and high throughput genotyping for dissection of complex traits, plant diversity evaluation and genome mapping in tea, stevia and targeted plant species of north western Himalayan region.

Fellowships/ Associateships/ Awards:

Indo-US Science & Technology Research Fellowship Award ( 2010)

Dr Edward S Buckler’s Maize Genetics Group, Institute of Genomic Diversity, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA.

 DBT-PDF Awards (1999-2001)

 Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra’s Group, NRC on Plant Biotechnology, Indian Agricultural Research   Institute, Delhi.

NATP-Research Associateship (2001-2004)

Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra’s Group, NRCPB & Dr A.K. Singh’s Group, Division of Genetics, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi.


Publications  (*- Correspondence to the publications)

Google citations: 2279; h- index is 27; i10- Index:42 

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Current Group

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6.Dr. Vikas Sharma,  Senior Research Fellow, Ph.D Candidate (Currently:D.S. Kothari Post-Doc Fellow)

7.Dr. Akshay Nag, Research Associate, Ph.D. candidate (Currently: National PDF, NRC on Plant Biotechnology, IARI Campus, New Delhi, India)

8.Dr. Himanshu Sharma, Senior Research Fellow, Ph.D Candidate (Currently: National PDF, NABI, Chandigarh)

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10.Dr Sandeep Rawat, DST Young Scientist (Currently: Scientist C, G.B.P.I.H.E.D, Sikkim

11.Dr. Abhishek Bhandawat, Ph.D candidate (Currently: National PDF, NABI, Chandigarh)

12.Mr. Shivshankar Mittal, Project Assistant -II

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14.Ms. Rinu Negi, Research Fellow

15.Mr. Vishal Kumar, Junior Research Fellow, Ph.D Candidate

16.Mr Yogendra, Junior Research Fellow

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18.Mr. Vishal Tripathi, Junior Research Fellow

19.Ms. Radhika Vashisht, Research Fellow

20.Mr. Anil Chaudhary, Project Fellow

21.Ms. Deepika Sharma, Project Fellow

22.Ms. Ragini Sharma, Project Fellow

23.Ms. Vandana, Project Fellow

24.Ms Palak, Project Assistant-II

25.Ms. Himakshi Thakur, Senior Research Fellow, Ph.D candidate

26.Mr. Gagandeep Singh, Senior Research Fellow, Ph.D candidate 

27.Ms. Urvashi dave, Project Assistant 

28.Mr. Vinod Yadav, Junior Research Fellow

29.Mr. Vishal Koundal, Project Assistant

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32.Ms. Priyanka Dhaka, Junior Research Fellow, Ph.D candidate


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