Principal Scientist
In vitro Plant Secondary Metabolite Production, Bioprocessing and Bioreactor Technology, Plant Tissue Culture
01894-233339 Ext. 387, 9418715867

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•      DST, GOI, Young Scientist Fellowship (2006)

•    Nominated by National Productivity Council, GOI for participation in a project,“Value Addition to Agricultural Products for Greater Access to New Markets” (sponsored by Asia Productivity Council, Tokyo, Japan)from 9-14 July 2012 at Manila, Philippines.

•      Awarded Raman Research Fellowship (2015-16) to work on Industrial Biotechnology in South Korea




Patent Title: Method and apparatus for the separation of seeds from fruit pulp/slurry/pomace.

Name of Applicant(s): Bhushan S, Gupta S, Kiran Babu GD, Sharma M, Ahuja PS

Patent No.: US9011952 B2, 0116NF2011, EP2775864A1, EP2775864B1, US20140255575, WO2013069028A1, WO2013069028A8.

Award Date: 2015

Agency/Country: CSIR/India

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