Senior Principal Scientist
In vitro Plant Secondary Metabolite Production, Bioprocessing and Bioreactor Technology, Plant Tissue Culture
01894-233339 Ext. 387, 9418715867

Plant cell and organ culture technology-based alternative in vitro systems for the production of high-value nutraceutical ingredients.
Screening for high metabolite-producing cell/organ culture lines based on metabolic profiling and flow cytometry.
Understanding growth and production kinetics to boost high metabolic yield.
Scale-up of in vitro production technology in specially designed bioreactors.
Bioprocess designing and modulation for higher metabolic productivity.

  • DST, GOI, Young Scientist Fellowship (2006)
  • Nominated by National Productivity Council, GOI for participation in a project,“Value Addition to Agricultural Products for Greater Access to New Markets” (sponsored by Asia Productivity Council, Tokyo, Japan)from 9-14 July 2012 at Manila, Philippines.
  • Awarded Raman Research Fellowship (2015-16) to work on Industrial Biotechnology in South Korea




Patent Title: Method and apparatus for the separation of seeds from fruit pulp/slurry/pomace.

Name of Applicant(s): Bhushan S, Gupta S, Kiran Babu GD, Sharma M, Ahuja PS

Patent No.: US9011952 B2, 0116NF2011, EP2775864A1, EP2775864B1, US20140255575, WO2013069028A1, WO2013069028A8. Award Date: 2015

Agency/Country: CSIR/India

Dr. Ashok Gehlot, Sr. Technical Officer

Mr. Roushan Kumar (CSIR SRF)

Ms. Jyoti Devi (CSIR SRF)

Ms. Manjeet Singh (CSIR JRF)

Ms. Deepika Choudhary (CSIR JRF)

Dr. Sayantika Sarkar (PA - II)

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