Senior Scientist
Molecular Plant Biology, Stress Signaling, Adaptation Biology
PhD (CSIR-IHBT, Palampur), Postdoc (PSC, Shanghai)

The ever-changing climate poses a significant challenge as it presents distress to the growth and development of plants. Therefore, there is a need for plants to develop adaptation strategies. Ample evidence in recent past projected chloroplasts as sensors for environmental cues, priming the plant response to deal with the adversities.

Taking this into account, We are interested to understand:

(i) How plants sense and manage environmental perturbations such as high light, temperature, and photoinhibitory stresses, with an emphasis on the role of chloroplast in this process.

(ii) Impact of stresses on chloroplast protein homeostasis directly affecting photosynthetic machinery, to engineer stress-resilient photosynthetic apparatus.

(iii) Identification and characterization of various phytoelicitors, including reactive electrophile species, metabolites, and phytohormones released as retrograde signals from chloroplast that prime stress responses in high-altitude crop and medicinal plants

For our research, we are investigating Arabidopsis thaliana, Setaria italica  (Foxtail millet) and  High Altitude Extremophytes of the Himalayas, employing forward and reverse genetics, genetic engineering, cell biology, and multi-omics.

Honors and Awards

1. Conferred RD Asana Gold medal Award 2023 from Indian Society of Plant Physiology (ISPP) for controbutions in Plant Physiology.

2. Selected as a Member of Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS), INSA in 2023.

3. ISPP-ASPB Young Scientist Award of Indian Society of Plant Physiology at 5th International Plant Physiology Congress (iFANS-2023).

4. Ramalingaswamy Re-entry fellowship 2019-20 by Department of Biotechnology, GOI in March 2020.

5President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) Postdoctoral fellowship by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Dec 2018 for two years; 2019-2020). 

6. Received a research grant as an International Young Scientist from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in August 2018, for two years; 2019-2020. 

7Dr. D.S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship by University Grants Commission (UGC), GOI in June 2015.

8. Received International Travel Grant from SERB, DST under Young Scientist category to attend international conference Proteomic Forum 2013 in Germany in March 2013.

9Senior Research Fellowship by CSIR, GOI in Jan 2012.

10. Qualified CSIR/UGC NET LS in Life sciences twice in June 2006 and Dec 2008. 

11. Qualified Radiological Safety Officer (level 1) exam at AERB, BARC, INDIA in April 2007.

12. University Gold Medalist in Post-graduation (in 2006).  

Scientific editorial roles 

  Reviewer in Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, Cell Reports, Plant & Cell physiology etc.

  Review Editor in Frontiers in Plant Science for Plant Abiotic Stress & Plant Physiology Sections.

  Review Editor in Frontiers in Genetics for Plant Genomics Section.

  Academic Editor in PlosOne.

  Associate Editor in BMC Plangt Biology.

  Associate Editor in Plant Physiology Reports.


Links for Scientific profiles:

1. Google Scholar:

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Research/Review articles

(Number of Articles: 38; Book chapters: 02, Total impact factor: 350.2; Av impact factor: 9.46

Citations: 1226, h-index: 18)

38. Bali S, Gautam A, Dhiman A, Michael, R and Dogra V* (2023). Salicylate and jasmonate interwine in  ROS-triggered chloropalst-to-nucleus retrogrdae signaling. Physiologia Plantarum

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36. Michael R, Bali S, Godara R and Dogra V* (2023). Endosperm: thermal sensor and regulator of seed thermoinhibition. Trends in Plant Science

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Book chapters

1. Sarkar A, Islam MT, Zargar SM, Dogra V, et al. (2014). Proteomics potential and contribution towards sustainable agriculture. In: Agroecology, Ecosystems, and Sustainability. Ed: N. Benkeblia. CRC Press 1 edition (November 28, 2014) (ISBN-13: 978-1466565548) 


Conference Presentations

Oral Presentations

1Dogra V, Li M, Singh S, Li M, and Kim C (2019). Singlet oxygen: from genesis to retrograde signaling. In 4th National Arabidopsis Meeting 2019 (NAM2019), held in NISER, Bhubaneswar, India (December 29-31, 2019). (Invited plenary speaker)

2Dogra V, Li M, Singh S, Li M, and Kim C (2019). Singlet oxygen: from oxidative damage to retrograde signaling. In A Symposium Celebrating Barry Osmond: Reflections in a Flash held in Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia (September 12-13, 2019). (Invited plenary speaker)

3Dogra V, Duan J, Lee KP, Zhang S, Liu K, and Kim C (2019). Impaired PSII proteostasis promotes retrograde signaling via salicylic acid. In International Symposium for Plant Photobiology 2019 (ISPP2019) held in Barcelona, Spain (June 3-8, 2019). 

Poster Presentations

4Dogra V, Singh S, Li M, Li M, and Kim C (2017). The putative singlet oxygen sensor EXECUTER1 undergoes oxidative post-translational modification in Arabidopsis thaliana. In Gordon Research Conference- Posttranslational Modification Networks 2017 held in Hongkong University of Science and Technology (HKUAST), Hongkong (August 13-18,2017)

5Dogra V, Wang L, Singh S, Apel K, and Kim C (2016). Singlet oxygen, FtsH2, and EXECUTER1 constitute a chloroplast-to-nucleus retrograde signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana. In The 2nd Molecular Plant International Symposium: From Genes to Networks held in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (August 11-14,2016)

7Dogra V, Singh S, Wang L,  Xu X, She Y, Apel K and Kim C (2016). Photosystem II-associated EXECUTER proteins act as ROS sensors and mediate chloroplast-to-nucleus retrograde signaling under various environmental stresses. In PSC annual retreat 2016 at Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology, Shanghai, China (December 4-5th 2016; claimed  Best Poster Award)

8Dogra V and Sreenivasulu Y (2013). Analysis of Seed Germination Mechanisms in Podophyllum hexandrum Royle – a high altitude medicinal plant. In Proteomic Forum 2013, an international conference at Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany (March 17-21th ’ 2013)

9. Sreenivasulu Y, Dogra V, Chanda S, and Ahuja PS (2009). Molecular characterization of seed dormancy in Podophyllum hexandrum Royle - An important medicinal herb. Presented by Dr. Yelam Sreenivasulu in the IVth International plant dormancy symposium at Fargo, North Dakota, USA (June 8-11, 2009)

10Dogra V, Chanda S, Sreenivasulu Y, and Ahuja PS (2009). Proteomic analysis of germination specific proteins in Podophyllum hexandrum Royle – an important medicinal herb. in National symposium ‘Biotechnology and Plant Tissue Culture’ held in CSIR-IHBT, organized by PTCA, India (April 3-4, 2009).

11Dogra V, Chanda S, Sreenivasulu Y, and Ahuja PS (2008). Molecular dissection of seed dormancy/ germination in Podophyllym hexandrum Royle – an important medicinal herb. in the National symposium on ‘New Biology in Agriculture’ held in Punjab University Chandigarh, India (November 07-08, 2008).

Invited Talks

1. Retrograde signals from Chloroplast to Nucleus, delivered at Centre of Excellence on North East India Study, Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, on December 28, 2019.


Motivated aspirants are welcome to join our research group. Holding independent fellowships would be a plus.

Present members:

Technical staff:

1. Dr. Rimpy Diman (TO; PhD from CSIR-IHBT, Dr. Y Sreenivasulu's lab)


2. Dr. Anand Mishral (Project Scientist; PhD from CIMAP)

3. Dr. Shagun Bali (DBT-RA; PhD from GNDU, Dr. Renu Bhardwaj's lab)

4. Dr. Sandhya Yadav (Sr. Project Associate; PhD from BHU, Dr. Yogesh Mishra's lab)

PhD students:

5. Dipanshu Ghosh (UGC-SRF)

6. Sumanta Mohapatra (UGC-SRF)

7. Twinkle (CSIR-SRF)

8. Ritu Godara (UGC-JFRF)

Lab  attendent

9. Sunil Kapoor (Lab attendant)

Past Members

1. Dr. Rahul Michael (Project Scientist)

2. Aarzoo Dhiman (Project Associate)

3. Ayushi Gautam (Project Associate)

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