Senior Scientist
Plant Physiology, Plant-Microbe Interactions

·         Awarded CSIR-Senior Research Associateship (Scientist's Pool Scheme) by CSIR (2017)

·         Received twice Outstanding Publication Awards (Annual Day Awards-2017) of CSIR-CIMAP

·         Received Certificate of Merit (Gold Medal) for First Position during Graduation

·         Awarded UGC Research Fellowships in Science for meritorious students

·         Qualified ASRB-ARS NET-2009, CSIR-UGC NET-2005, GATE-2005

·         Received Three times best poster award in National/international conferences

·         Served as President of Academic Honour Society of Botany Department, Lucknow, Christian PG College, Lucknow (2003)


Editorial board member

  •          Editorial Board for BMC Biotechnology
  •          Academic Editor in PLOS ONE Editorial Board

Member of Societies

  •     Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI)
  •     Indian Society for Plant Physiology (ISPP)
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