Molecular finger printing and QTL mapping

Molecular Biology and Crop Biotechnology. In particular, Marker Assisted Breeding, QTL Analysis, Association Mapping. Transcriptomics and Epigenetics.

CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship (2013).

CSIR-Nehru Science Post Doctoral Fellowship (2014)

DST-Woman Scientist A (2014, 2016)

UGC-DS Kothari Post Doctoral Fellowship (2014)

INSPIRE Faculty (2016)

SERB-Early Career Research Award (2018)

A) Papers in refereed journals

1. V Gahlaut#, V Jaiswal#, S Singh, HS Balyan, PK Gupta (2019). Multi-Locus Genome Wide Association Mapping for Yield and Its Contributing Traits in Hexaploid Wheat under Different Water Regimes. Scientific Reports 9, 19486 (# equal contribution).



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 (B) Review article

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(C) Book Chapter

 1. Jaiswal V, Gahlaut V, Dubey M, Ramchiary N (2019) Genes/Quantitative Trait Loci and Associated Molecular Mechanisms Identified in Capsicum Genome for Tolerance to Abiotic and Biotic Stresses; edited by Ramchiary N, Kole in “The Capsicum Genome” C Springer International Publishing. pp 121-138

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