Molecular finger printing and QTL mapping
M.Phil., Ph.D.

Molecular Biology and Crop Biotechnology. In particular, Marker Assisted Breeding, QTL Analysis, Association Mapping. Transcriptomics and Epigenetics.

CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship (2013).

CSIR-Nehru Science Post Doctoral Fellowship (2014)

DST-Woman Scientist A (2014, 2016)

UGC-DS Kothari Post Doctoral Fellowship (2014)

INSPIRE Faculty (2016)

SERB-Early Career Research Award (2018)

Assistant Professor (Biological Sciences), Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) (2020)

CSIR-Young Scientist Award (2020)

Life member of Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding (2021)

Selected member of National Academy of Sciences India (NASI) (2021)

Life member of Indian Society of Plant Physiology (2023)

SERB-POWER grant (2023)

Appreciation award for best scientific contribution. 2022-23, IHBT foundation day.

 A) Research Papers in refereed journals

1. Jaiswal V*, Bandyopadhyay T, Singh RK, Gahlaut V, Muthamilarasan M, Prasad M (2024) Multi-environment GWAS identifies genomic regions underlying grain nutrient traits in foxtail millet (Setaria italica). Plant Cell Reports 43 (1), 1-13 (IF=6.2)

2. Choudhary A, Shekhawat D, Pathania J, Sita K, Sharma S, Chawla A, Jaiswal V* (2024). Exploring DNA Barcode for Accurate Identification of Threatened Aconitum L. Species from Western Himalaya mol Biol Rep, Accepted (* corresponding author)

3.Gangwar H, Gahlaut V, Chauhan R, Singh S, Jaiswal V* (2023) Development of Species-Specific ISSR-Derived SCAR Marker for Early Discrimination Between Cinnamomum verum and Cinnamomum cassia. Mol Biol Rep. 50: 6311–6321 (IF=2.7)

4. Kumari P, Gahlaut V, Kaur E, Singh S, Kumar S, Jaiswal V* (2023) Genome‑Wide Identifcation of GRAS Transcription Factors and Their Potential Roles in Growth and Development of Rose (Rosa chinensis). J Plant Growth Regul 42, 1505–1521. IF= 4.2 (* corresponding author)

5. Gangwar H, Kumari P, Gahlaut V, Kumar S and Jaiswal V* (2022) Identification and comprehensive analysis of MIPSs in Rosaceae and their expression under abiotic stresses in rose (Rosa chinensis). Front. Plant Sci. 13:1021297. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2022.1021297. (* corresponding author) (IF=6.625)

6. Jaiswal V*, Rawoof A, Gahlaut V, Ahmad I, Chhapekar SS, Dubey M, Ramchiary N (2022) Integrated analysis of DNA methylation, transcriptome, and global metabolites in interspecific heterotic Capsicum F1 hybrid. iScience 25: 105318. j.isci.2022.105318. (* corresponding author) (IF=6.1)

7. Choudhary V, Shekhawat D, Choudhary A, Jaiswal V* (2022). Development of EST‑based methylation specifc PCR (MSP) markers in Crocus sativus. Mol Biol Rep. (* corresponding author) (IF=2.7)

8. Gahlaut V, Jaiswal V, Tyagi BS, Singh G, Sareen S, Balyan HS, Gupta PK (2022) Dataset of nine agronomic traits in bread wheat phenotyped under irrigated and rain-fed environments. Data in Brief. Accepted

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10. Rawoof A, Ahmad I, Islam K, Momo J, Kumar A, Jaiswal V, Ramchiary N (2022). Integrated omics analysis identified genes and their splice variants involved in fruit development and metabolites production in Capsicum species. Funct Integr Genomics.

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12. Gahlaut V, Jaiswal V, Balyan HS, Joshi AK, Gupta PK (2021). Multi-locus GWAS for Grain Weight Related Traits under Rain-fed Conditions in Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Front Plant Sci. 12:758631 (IF = 6.6)

13. Gautam T, Kumar K, Agarwal P, Tyagi S, Jaiswal V, Gahlaut V, Kumar S, Prasad P, Chhuneja P, Balyan HS, Gupta PK (2021). Development of white‑grained PHS‑tolerant wheats with high grain protein and leaf rust resistance. Mol Breeding 41:42 (IF= 3.297)

14. Chhapekar SS, Kumar Nitin, Sarparas M, Barhma V, Rawoof A, Jaiswal V, Kumar A, Sharma BK, Ramchiary N (2021).  Profiling of miRNAs in bhut jolokia (Capsicum chinense) and kon jolokia (C. frutescens) of Northeast India. Scientia Horticulturae 281, 109952 (IF=4.34)

15. Rawoof A, Chhapekar SS, Jaiswal V, Brahma V, Kumar N, Ramchiary N (2020). Single-base cytosine methylation analysis in fruits of three Capsicum species. Genomics 112:3343-3353 (IF= 4.31)

16. Chhapekar SS, Barma V, Rawoof A, Kumar N, Gaur R, Jaiswal V, Kumar A, Yadav SK, Kumar R, Sharma V, Babu SS, Ramchiary N (2020) Transcriptome profiling, simple sequence repeat markers development and genetic diversity analysis of potential industrial crops Capsicum chinense and C. frutescens of Northeast India. Industrial Crops and Products 154: 112687 (IF=6.449)

17. Jaiswal V, Rawoof A, Dubey M, Chhapekar S, Sharma V, Ramchiary N (2020) Development and characterization of non-coding RNA based simple sequence repeat markers in Capsicum species. Genomics 112: 1554-1564 (IF= 4.31)

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21.  Jaiswal V, Gupta S, Gahlaut V, Muthamilarasan M, Bandyopadhyay T, Ramchiary N, Prasad M (2019) Genome-wide association study of major agronomic traits in foxtail millet (Setaria italica l.) using ddRAD sequencing. Sci Rep 9, 5020. (IF= 4.996)

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B) Review article

1. Jaiswal V, Kakkar M, Kumari P, Zinta G, Gahlaut V, Kumar S (2022) Multifaceted roles of GRAS transcription factors in growth and stress responses in plants. iScience 25: 105026. (IF=6.1)

2. Gautam T, Dutta M, Jaiswal V, Zinta G, Gahlaut V, Kumar S (2022) Emerging Roles of SWEET Sugar Transporters in Plant Development and Abiotic Stress Responses. Cells 11: 1303 (IF = 7.6)

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 (C) Book Chapter

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(D) Book

1. Gahlaut V, Jaiswal V (2024) Genetics and Genomics of High-Altitude Crops. Springer Singapore. DOI: Hardcover ISBN978-981-99-9174-7


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