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Organic Chemistry (Natural Product Chemistry)
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 Prospecting natural colours/dyes from the plants of Himalaya, Development of            processes for bioactive/ coloured compounds 

Exploration of undescribed scafolds of bioactive compounds from himalayan plants.

Validation of analytical methods for quantitative/qualitative analysis of plant secondary metabolites, Chemical fingerprinting for the standardization of the medicinal plants /extracts/herbal formulations through analytical techniques.

 Design and synthesis of cognitive enhancers, anti-diabetic and antioxidant agents and their structural activity relationship studies. 




Content of article "Dammarane triterpenoid glycosides in Bacopa monnieri: A review on chemical diversity and bioactivity" selected for front cover page by Phytochemistry, 172,2020.

Dr. P.D. Sethi Annual Award, Certificate of Merit for Best publication “Stability-Indicating HPLC-PDA Method for Determination of Picrosides in HepatoprotectiveIndian Herbal Preparations of Picrorhiza kurroa" 2009

Dr. P.D. Sethi Best Publication Award for “A validated and Densitometric HPTLCMethod for the quantification of Withaferin-A and Withanolide-A in Different Plantparts of Two Morphotypes of Withania somnifera” 2007

Life member of Society of Analytical Scientist

CSIR- Senior Research Fellowship

National Talent Merit Scholarship

HMT Scholistic Award

3rd rank in HPBSE during Matriculation


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2. Nitisha Sendri, Shinde Bhagatsing Devidas, Swati Katoch, Vikram Patial,Pamita Bhandari. Copigmentation and UPLC-ESI-MS/MS of anthocyanin in Ipomea nil as potential source of food colorant. Natural Product Research, 2020.

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 Papers presented in conferences: 14


 Technology Transferred (2020): 01 (M/s Nano Tech Chemical Brothers Pvt. Ltd., Ludhiana-141112)



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