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Chemical Engineering
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B.E., M. Tech (Chemical Engineering)

Development, Designing and up scaling of improved process technologies for processing of bioactive materials from medicinal and aromatic plants. Preparation of Techno economic feasibility and project reports for prospective entrepreneurs


G. D. Kiran Babu, Shudh Kirti Dolma, Mohit Sharma & S. G. Eswara Reddy (2018) Chemical composition of essential oil and oleoresins of Zingiber officinale and toxicity of extracts/essential oil against diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) Toxin Reviews DOI:10.1080/15569543.2018.1491056

Rakesh Kumar, Saurabh Sharma, Shivani Sharma, Mohit Sharma & Neeraj Kumar (2018) Influence of flower to water ratio and distillation time of damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) flowers on essential oil content and composition in the western Himalayas, Journal of Essential Oil Research, 30:5, 353-359, DOI: 10.1080/10412905.2018.1473814

Saurabh Sharma, Mohit Sharma, Rakesh Rana (2014) Growth and yield of natural-sweetener plant stevia as affected by pinching Indian Journal of Plant Physiology Volume 19, Issue 2 (2014), Page 119-126

 Piar Chand, Arun Kumar Shil, Mohit Sharma and Yogesh B. Pakade (2014) Improved adsorption of Cd2+  ions from aqueous solution using chemically modified apple pomace: mechanism, kinetics and thermodynamics study International Biodeterioation and Biodegradation Volume 90,  Pages 816

Piar Chand, Mohit Sharma and Yogesh B. Pakade (2014) Potential of apple juice industry waste for chromium removal from aqueous solution: kinetics, isotherm and thermodyanamics studies Indian Journal of Chemical Technology



Gupta Mahesh, Dwivedi Jai Prakash, Rana Akshay and Sharma Mohit (2019) Development of low-calorie herbal mouthwash using Himalayan herbs. (Filed 0058NF2019)

Bhushan Shashi , Gupta, Sakshi, Babu, Garikapati Divya Kiran, Sharma, Mohit, Ahuja, Paramvir Singh (2015) Method and apparatus for the separation of seeds from fruit pulp/slurry/pomace United States Patent 9011952






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