Sno Tender No. Description Date of Submission Date of Opening Download
161 5-158/Ws/18

Restoration of Water Supply From Awa River

2018-10-11 2018-10-12
162 4/5(261)18-Pur

Supply and Installation Bench Top Flow Cytometer
(Details as per Tender Document & Specifications attached)

2018-10-24 2018-10-25
163 5-157/Ws/18

Covering of Food Processing Unit Rear Yard, Hostel Parking, Shed For N.P.P. UPS, Misc. Lab. Furniture

2018-09-17 2018-09-18
164 02/2018

Pre-Indent Conference (PIC) in the Institute for the interested bidders for framing up the specifications for the purchase of following equipments:-

1. Atomic Force Microscope

2. Surface Plasmon Resonance System

3. In vivo Animal Imaging System

4. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

5. Auto Purification System

0000-00-00 0000-00-00
165 5-156/Ws/18

Upgradation of M-23 at Housing Board, Replacement of Shutters in Bharmat and Misc. Repair Work in Houses

2018-08-13 2018-08-14
166 5-155/Ws/18

Covering of Animal House Parking, Porch of Sabbatical & Mezzanine Floor of Workshop Building

2018-07-23 2018-07-24
167 5-154/Ws/18

Covering of N.P.P. Chemistry Lab Terrace

2018-07-19 2018-07-20
168 5-153/Ws/18

Covering of Canteen Open Terrace


2018-07-17 2018-07-18
169 Advt.No./Tender Notice No.01/2018 File No.4(1)2018-Pur

Rate Contract for Supply of Chemicals & Reagents, Glass wares, Plastic wares, Filter Papers, Membranes/syringes, etc

2018-07-18 2018-07-19
170 5-149/वर्क्स/2017

16 संख्या स्टाफ कॉर्टरो का निर्माण - आंतरिक एवं बाह्रा विद्युतीकरण

2018-03-26 2018-03-27
171 4/5(244)17-Pur

Open Tender for Supply and Installation of Mass/PDA Directed Auto Purification System
Tender Reference No.4/5(244)17-Pur
Tender ID: E-Tender No.2018_CSIR_8729_1
Bid Submission End Date & Time 21/03/2018 at 3.00pm
Special Note:- Bids shall be accepted through e-tender mode only on

2018-03-21 2018-03-22
172 06/2017

Pre-Indent Conference on: 26/02/2018 at 1100 hours for following item:

1.) Auto Purification System

2018-02-26 2018-02-26
173 5-147/Ws/17

Upgradation of Irrigation Facilities at Various Locations

2018-02-19 2018-02-19
174 निविदा सूचना संख्या 05/2017

अनुपयोगी सामग्री जैसे वैज्ञानिक उपकरण, मशीनरी, कम्प्युटर, प्रिंटर, फ़र्निचर, टायर, लोहा एवं प्लास्टिक स्क्रैप के निष्पादन हेतु अनुपयोगी/अवशिस्त वस्तुओं की लॉट 1 से 2 तक के हिसाब से बिक्री हेतु 

2018-02-08 2018-02-08
175 E- Tender Notice No. 04/2017

4/5(236)17-Pur Multipurpose Field Distillation Units (Quantity-09)

2018-02-09 2018-02-12
176 E- Tender Notice No. 04/2017

4/5(231)17-Pur Analytical cum Semi-Prep HPLC System (Quantity-01)

2018-02-14 2018-02-15
177 E- Tender Notice No. 04/2017

4/5(230)17-Pur Refrigerated Incubator Shaker (Quantity-01)

2018-02-08 2018-02-09
178 E- Tender Notice No. 04/2017

4/5(229)17-Pur Master Node, Compute Node (Quantity-1)

2018-02-14 2018-02-15
179 5-146/वर्क्स/17

नर्सरियों, शेड नेटों, पोली हाउसो के उन्नयन/अनुरक्षण का कार्य 

2018-01-25 2018-01-25
180 Notice Inviting Tender (5-145/Ws/17)

Upgradation of Hall as GMP norms for canning unit· Electrical work & S/L lnternet & Telephone cable therein, replacement of Old luminaire with LED in Directorate & PPME, Internal & external Electrification at Bandla Farm, Earthing for DG Set at Chandpur, P/f LEO roadway luminaire & Flood Lights at various location in lab Campus.

2018-01-23 2018-01-23

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