Developing nutraceuticals from indigenous sources



  • Development of region specific and pan Indian nutritious first meal of the day for children that meets the RDA requirement of nutrients
  • Development of nutraceutical formulations/products for bone health, cognition, immunity and sleep disorders
  • Establishing proof of studies for developing nutraceuticals for NCDs and CNS indications. 

The mission “Nutraceuticals and Nutritionals” has been strategically defined including seven themes dealing with specific issues:

  • Theme 1: Enhancing Nutrition
  • Theme 2: Bone Health
  • Theme 3: NCDs
  • Theme 4: Cognition
  • Theme 5: Immunity
  • Theme 6: Sleep Disorder
  • Theme 7: CNS

Deliverables Theme Wise

Theme 1: Enhancing Nutrition

  • A nutraceutical formulation using targeted plants for enhanced bioavailability of micronutrients especially Vitamin B12
  • Technology for enhancement of Vitamin D2 and Se in Lentinula edodes
  • A nutraceutical powdered formulation enriched with Vitamin D2 and Se
  • Nutritive products for breakfast for the children suffering from malnutrition problem by utilizing the best possible combinations of active ingredients from herbs.
  • Technology on development of complementary foods from cereal and pulses 
  • Technology for production of ethnic foods of Himalayan regions
  • RTE breakfast products with flavors of Kerala
  • Two products of enriched Nutra Readymix for breakfast with regional flavour from NE India

Theme 2: Bone Health

  • A plant based nutraceutical product that would be useful for maintaining bone health of post-menopausal women
  • Development of formulation for bone and cartilage health

Theme 3: Non communicable Diseases (NCDs)

  • Chebulinic acid enriched nutraceutical for management of BPH
  • Standardized extraction process for the antioxidant rich fraction from pomegranate peel and other parts
  • Nutraceutical products for cardio protection as encapsulated beads, dispersible flavoured tablets and ready to mix sachets

Theme 4: Cognition

  • Scientifically validated alpha linolenic acid and virgin coconut oil based nutraceutical formulations for cognition
  • Powdered formulation/tablet of the blended mixture of the active extract/fraction of the selected plants (Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Mucuna) intended for cognitive impairments in elderly population.

Theme 5: Immunity

  • Development of standard for the quality monitoring of the ‘Triphala’ formulation. The standard could be adopted by the regulatory agencies involved in certifying the product for export and marketing
  • Scientifically validated (marker based) Triphala formulation

Theme 6: Sleep Disorder

  • Theanine and TEG based nutraceutical formulation for sleep enhancement

Theme 7: CNS

  • Leads for developing scientifically validated spice based oleoresin nutraceuticals from chilli, ginger, turmeric and black pepper (individual and in combination): Activity of the leads would get defined so as to form the product/s.