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Institute has state of the art infrastructure facilities and hi-end equipments and extends research support to academic institutes, R&D organizations and Industries.


We prefer online fund transfer as per following details. However please send an email to Dr. Dinesh Kumar () mentioning details of online transfer.

Bank Details of CSIR-IHBT

1. Accounts Holder Name DIRECTOR IHBT
2. Name of the Bank State Bank of India
3. Name of the Branch SBI HPAU
4. Branch Code 3632
5. Bank Account No. 30268795419
6. Type of Account  Savings
7. IFSC Code SBIN0003632
8. MICR Code 176002063
9. GSTIN No. 02AAATC2716R1ZR



NPCPD DIVISION               

Sno Name of the Test
1 HPLC/UPLC/HPTLC (if method is provided)
3 GC-MS (including hard copy of library search )
4 GC-MS with Head Space  (including hard copy of library search )
6 NMR (1H) (quantity required >10mg)
7 NMR (1H & 13C ) (quantity required >20mg)
8 NMR (1H,13C,DEPT,COSY,HMQC,HMBC,NOESY) (quantity required >20mg)
9 Method development for HPLC/UPLC ( If standards are available or provided by the customer)
10 Method development for HPTLC ( If standards are available or provided by the customer)
11 Chemical profiling through UPLC-MS
12 Isolation through Flash Chromatography
13 Isolation through Preparative HPLC
14 Chemical finger printing through HPTLC  for per plant part/sample (culture, calus etc.)
(standard quantity should be more than 5mg)
15 Processing charges of crude drugs sample ( plant part )

Physico-Chemical properties (quantity required minimum 5ml )

(a) Relative density 
(b) Optical Rotation
(c) Refractive Index

17 UV-Spectrophotometer
18 IR

Contact Person:
Dr. Dinesh Kumar
(Natural Product Chemistry and Process Development)
Ph. 01894-230426 Ext. 462  +91-9459344184 

Analysis Request Form
Customer Feedback Form

*Note: GST will be applicable as per Govt. norms.


Sno Name of the Test
1 CRYO-TEM Analysis
2 TEM Analysis 
3 SEM Analysis
4 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Analysis
5 Ultra- micro sample analysis (sample preparation and sectioning)
6 Confocal analysis
  Unprocessed sample/1D or 2D gel bands
  Processed sample/1D or 2D digested bands

 *Note: GST will be applicable as per Govt. norms.

PacBio library preparation and sequencing using SMRT on PacBio RSII system

Sno Name of the Test
1  PacBio library preparation
2  Sequencing SMRT cell


1 Processing of soil pH, E.C.OM% available N,P,K parameters   Rs. 1158/- per soil sample


Sample analysis rates for Pharmacology and Toxicology (Food and Nutraceuticals Division)

Sno Regulatory Services  Charges Per Sample (In Rupees)       
1 Cytotoxicity on different human cancer cell lines at four different concentrations  Rs. 2500/-
2 Cytotoxicity on different human cancer cell line panel (three cell line of same cancer type) at four different concentrations   Rs. 6000/-
Acute anticonvulsant activity using mice PTZ model at three dose levels   Rs. 35420/-
Hematology Analysis  Rs. 475/-
5 Histopathalogy Analysis  Rs. 315/-

Sample analysis rates for in vivo toxicity studies (Food and Nutraceuticals Division)

Sno Name of the Study  Price (including 18% GST)
1. Acute oral toxicity study - Rat  Rs. 40896/-
2. Acute oral toxicity study - Mice  Rs. 38914/-
3. Acute dermal toxicity study - Rat  Rs. 39905/-
4. Acute dermal toxicity study - Mice  Rs. 38253/-
5. Sub-acute oral toxicity study - Rat  Rs. 241026/-
6. Sub-acute oral toxicity study - Mice  Rs. 232766/-

CSIR-Institute of Himalayn Bioresource Technology, Palampur has established state of the art laboratory animal house facility. The facility is registered with CPCSEA, New Delhi (Registration No. 1381/GO/ReBiBt/S/2010/CPCSEA) and is approved ‘for Breeding in house use and Breeding for the purpose of Trade of Small Laboratory Animals’. Laboratory Animal Facility of CSIR-IHBT maintains breeding colonies of two strains of Rats and three strains of Mice. These laboratory animals can be availed by government organizations, non government profit making organizations and private or profit making organizations. Prices to avail these animals are as mentioned below.


Laboratory Animal Strain

                      Charges Per Animal (In rupees)                        

Government, Non Profit Making Organizations  Private, Profit Making Organizations
 1  Sprague Dawley Rats       250       350
 2  Wistar Rats       250       350 
 3  Balb/C Mice       200       250
 4  C57BL/6 Mice       200       250 
 5  Swiss Webster Mice       200       250

Documents to be produced for availing laboratory animals. (As per CPCSEA, New Delhi)
1. Recent copy of CPCSEA registration/renewal of the facility. 

 Rate for Selling of Zebrafish

Cost per Fish   Rs. 57/-


*Note: GST will be applicable as per Govt. norms.