S No. Name of the Student Faculty Year of completion Thesis Title Supervisor
1 Dhananjay Bhattacherjee Chemical Sciences 2019 Hypervalentlodine(III) Promoted Ring-Rearrangement and Functionalization Approaches in Organic Synthesis Dr. Pralay Das
2 Madhu Kumari Biological Sciences 2019 Identification and Role of Probiotics for Potential Health Benefits Dr. Mahesh Gupta
3 Sourabh Soni Biological Sciences 2019 Elucidating the role of MAPKAPK2 as a potential anticancer target in the pathogenesis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Dr. Y.S. Padwad
4 Aditya Kulshreshtha Biological Sciences 2018 Functional Characterization of AC4 protein of Tomato leaf curl Palampur virus Dr. Vipin Hallan
5 Ajay Kumar Biological Sciences 2018 Understanding the Molecular Regulation of Key Metabolic Pathways during Development and Seasonal Variations in Tea (Camellia sinensis L.): Omics Approach Dr. Ravi Shankar
6 Maheshwar Singh Thakur Chemical Sciences 2018 Quinazolinone scaffold synthesis and their organocatalytic application in organic transformations Dr. S.K. Maurya
7 Rubbel Singla Biological Sciences 2018 Characterization of Cellulose Nanocrystals from Plants and their Use in Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications Dr. Amitabha Acharya
8 Saurabh Sharma Chemical Sciences 2018 Methodology Development for the Synthesis of Heterocycles and Reduction Reactions Dr. Pralay Das
9 Pritu Pratibha Biological Sciences 2018 Studies on the Role of Coproporphyrinogen III Oxidase in the Gametophyte Development of Arabidopsis thaliana Dr. Y. Sreenivasulu
10 Vandna Thakur Chemical Sciences 2018 Development of Methodology for Amidation and Cross-Coupling Reactions Dr. Pralay Das
11 Indu Gangwar Biological Sciences 2018 In silico analysis of biomolecular interactions involved in system regulation using high throughput approach Dr. Ravi Shankar
12 Anish Kaachra Biological Sciences 2018 Studies on the effect of co-overexpression of selected genes of carbon and nitrogen metabolism in ArabidoPhysical Sciences thaliana (ecotype Col-0) Dr. Sanjay Kumar
13 Anita Kumari Biological Sciences 2018 Transcriptome analysis and molecular response of Sinopodophyllum hexandrum (Royle) T.S.Ying to environmental   cues Dr. Sanjay Kumar
14 Ashish Kumar Chemical Sciences 2018 Phytochemical Investigation of Saussurea lappa, Costus speciosus and Jurinea macrocephala from Western Himalaya Dr. V.K. Agnihotri
15 Onkar Singh Nayal Chemical Sciences 2018 Development of metal based Lewis acid catalysed approaches for C-N bond formation reactions and their mechanistic insights Dr. S.K. Maurya
16 Poonam Roshan Biological Sciences 2018 Functional characterization of AV2 protein of Tomato leaf curl Palampur virus Dr. Vipin Hallan
17 Shikha Biological Sciences 2018 Functional Characterization of Drought Responsive Genes from Horsegram [Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc.] in Transgenic Arabidopsis Dr. Sudesh Kumar
18 Vanita Patial Biological Sciences 2018 Micropropagation and over-expression of PkSWRKY transcription factor in Picrorhiza kurroa Dr. Amita Bhattacharya
19 Vinod Bhatt Chemical Sciences 2018 Phytochemical and Synergy-Directed Biological Studies of Zanthoxylum Species Dr. Bikram Singh
20 C. Bal Reddy Chemical Sciences 2017 Methodology development for palladium catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond formation reactions Dr. Pralay Das
21 Kiran Mansingh Rawat Biological Sciences 2017 Elucidating the role of natural and synthetic molecules for their anticancer activity Dr. Y. S. Padwad
22 Manoranjan Kumar Chemical Sciences 2017 Studies on utilization of biobased reagents for the synthesis of amines and N-heterocycles Dr. Bikram Singh
23 Mayanka Chemical Sciences 2017 Phytochemical and Pharmacological Studies of Malus domestica, Potentilla atrosanguinea and Synthesis of Furanic Compounds from Saccharides Dr. V.K. Agnihotri
24 Monika Bhunia Biological Sciences 2017 Identification and Functional Characterization of Universal Stress Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana under Abiotic Stress Conditions Dr. Sanjay Kumar
25 Parul Goel Biological Sciences 2017 Understanding Physiological and Molecular Responses of Brassica juncea under Nitrate Limiting Conditions Dr. Anil K. Singh
26 Preeti Arya Biological Sciences 2017 Elucidating the Evolution and Role of STAND P-loop NTPase involved in Plant Defense Response using Computational Approaches Dr. Vishal Acharya
27 Rahul Mohan Singh Biological Sciences 2017 Expression analysis and identification of host factor(s) associating with movement protein of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus Dr. Vipin Hallan
28 Richa Bharti Chemical Sciences 2017 Methodology development for the synthesis of bioactive benzocycloheptene analogues from himachalenes Dr. Pralay Das
29 Rishu Thakur Biological Sciences 2017 Diversity Analysis and Selection of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria from Kangra Valley for Growth Promotion in Camellia sinensis(L.) O. Kuntze Dr. Arvind Gulati
30 Sandeep Kumar Chemical Sciences 2017 Synthesis of Transition Metals Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Hydration, Oxidation and C1 Insertion Reactions Dr. Pralay Das
31 Saurabh Sharma Biological Sciences 2017 Effect of Mulching and Growth Regulating Factors on Growth, Yield and Quality of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni in the Western Himalayas Dr. Rakesh Kumar
32 Shalika Rana Biological Sciences 2017 Valorization of Industrial Apple Pomace for Nutraceutical Development Dr. Shashi Bhushan
33 Surender Kumar Biological Sciences 2017 Virome study of Pigeonpea Sterlity Mosaic Disease in Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) by Small RNA Sequencing and Sequence Independent Amplification Approaches C Dr. Vipin Hallan
34 Amit Shard Chemical Sciences 2016 Development of green synthetic protocols for C-C, C-S and S-S bond forming reactions: Evaluation of hydroxylated styryl-cinnamate hybrids as potent anticancer agents Dr. A.K. Sinha
35 Ashwani Jha Biological Sciences 2016 Computational analysis of sRNAs and their regulatory system Dr. Ravi Shankar
36 Gulshan Kumar Biological Sciences 2016 Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of Dormancy Release Under Differential Availability of Chilling in Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) Dr. Anil K. Singh
37 Hena Dhar Biological Sciences 2016 Exploring Endoglucanase Producing Bacteria from the Cold Environments of the Western Himalayas and Molecular Characterization of Extracellular Endoglucanases Dr. Arvind Gulati
38 Manju Bala Chemical Sciences 2016 Phytochemical Studies on Tinospora cordifoliaand Cissampelos pareiraand Synthetic Approaches for Heterocyclic Scaffolds Dr. Bikram Singh
39 Mrigaya Mehra Biological Sciences 2016 Computational Analysis of Non-coding Elements Dr. Ravi Shankar
40 Nitul Ranjan Guha Chemical Sciences 2016 Studies on nano-impregnated transition metals as heterogeneous catalyst for coupling, reduction and oxidation reactions Dr. Pralay Das
41 Piar Chand Chemical Sciences 2016 Surface Modification of Apple Pomace as Biosorbent for Removal of Toxic Metals from Industrial Wastewater Dr. Yogesh B. Pakade
42 Pooja Bhardwaj Biological Sciences 2016 Molecular characterization and development of diagnostics for Apple stem grooving virus Dr. Vipin Hallan
43 Prachi Awasthi Biological Sciences 2016 Molecular characterization and development of diagnostics for Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus Dr. Vipin Hallan
44 Sunny Dhir Biological Sciences 2016 Complete Genome Characterization and effectivity analyses of Apple stem pitting and Apple stem grooving virus infecting apple Dr. Vipin Hallan
45 Sushila Sharma Chemical Sciences 2016 Studies on vasicine based organocatalyst for coupling and reduction reactions Dr. Bikram Singh
46 Vinay Randhawa Biological Sciences 2016 Computational systems biology and cheminformatics approaches for analysis of complex diseases Dr. Anil K. Singh
47 Ajay Rana Biological Sciences 2015 Exploration of Major Phytochemicals and Development of Value Added Products from Underutilized Parts of Camellia sinensis (L.)O. Kuntze Dr. Ashu Gulati and Dr. H.P. Singh
48 Akshay Nag Biological Sciences 2015 Development of Genomic Resources and Genetic Diversity Characterization of Indian Himalayan Populations of Podophyllum hexandrum Royle Dr. R.K. Sharma
49 Amrina Shafi Biological Sciences 2015 Structural and Functional Changes in Response to Abiotic Stress in ArabidoPhysical Sciencesis thaliana (Ecotype Col-0) Overexpressing SOD and APX Dr. P.S Ahuja
50 Arun Kumar Shil Chemical Sciences 2015 Development of Solid Supported Palladium(0) and Platinum(0) Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Catalyst and Their Applications in Reduction and Cross-coupling Reactions Dr. Pralay Das
51 Praveen Kumar Verma Chemical Sciences 2015 Synthesis of Metal Phthalocyanine Complexes and their Catalytic Applications in Reduction Reactions Dr. Bikram Singh
52 Rajesh Kumar Chemical Sciences 2015 Development of Green Synthetic Methodologies for S-S, C-S and C-C Bond Forming Reactions and their Mechanistic studies Dr. A.K. Sinha
53 Ramdhan Biological Sciences 2015 Development of Nanocomposites of Bioactive Molecules Dr. Sudesh Kumar
54 Richa Salwan Biological Sciences 2015 Screening, Production and Molecular Characterization of Low Temperature Active and Alkaline Stable Protease from Physical Sciencesychrotrophic Bacteria Dr. Arvind Gulati
55 Robin Joshi Chemical Sciences 2015 Characterization of Secondary Metabolites of Tea [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze] in Kangra and Development of Value Added Products Dr. Ashu Gulati
56 Praveen Guleria Biological Sciences 2014 Functional Evaluation of Steviol Glycoside Biosynthesis Genes from Stevia rebaudianaby Combined Approach of Gene Silencing and Overexpression Dr. Sudesh Kumar
57 Arun Rana Biological Sciences 2013-14 Bioprospecting thermostable superoxide dismutase from the flora of western Himalayas Dr. Sanjay Kumar
58 Awadesh Kumar Pal Biological Sciences 2013-14 Introduction of Genes for stress tolerance and their expression studies in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.ev Kufri Sutlej) Dr. P.S Ahuja
59 Bandana Chemical Sciences 2013-14 Exploration of interface reagent and solid supported palladium catalyst for cross coupling and oxidation reactions Dr. Pralay Das
60 Damanpreet Singh Chemical Sciences 2013-14 Phytochemical and pharmacological investigations of anticonvulsant potential of Ficus religiosa Dr. Bikram Singh
61 Devinder Kaur Biological Sciences 2013-14 Devlopment of in vitro strategies for conservation of Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees et Arn. Ex Munro Dr. Amita Bhattacharya
62 Dharminder Sharma Chemical Sciences 2013-14 Methodology development towards carbon-carbon bond formation and their synthetic applications Dr. Pralay Das
63 Kiran Devi Biological Sciences 2013-14 Studies on in vitro propagation and genetic transformation in saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Dr. Madhu Sharma
64 Monika Mahajan Biological Sciences 2013-14 Genetic engineering of flavonoid pathway through gene overexpression and silencing approaches in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacumL.) Dr. Sudesh Kumar
65 Nisha Sharma Chemical Sciences 2013-14 Cytomorphological diversity and chemical characterization of selected anti-diabetic medicinal plants from north India Dr. Bikram Singh
66 Rahul Kumar Biological Sciences 2013-14 Development and utilization of molecular markers for construction of genetic linkage map in tea [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze] Dr. R.K. Sharma
67 Richard Chalo Muoki Biological Sciences 2013-14 Identification and evaluation of dehydration responsive transcriptome in Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze Dr. Sanjay Kumar
68 Rupali Mehta Biological Sciences 2013-14 Development of efficient regeneration systems in economically important edible bamboos Dr. Anil Sood
69 Vikas Biological Sciences 2013-14 Development of molecular markers for genetic diversity and phylogenetic studies in bamboo Dr. R.K. Sharma
70 Vineet Kumar Biological Sciences 2013-14 Characterization of silver and gold nanoparticles synthesized using medicinally important plant extracts Dr. Sudesh Kumar
71 Tabasum Kawoosa Biological Sciences 2013-14 Cloning and characterization of upstream sequences of selected genes of isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway of Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex Benth Dr. Sanjay Kumar
72 Abha Chaudhary Chemical Sciences 2012-13 Chemical investigations of Cedrus deodara, Albizzia chinensis, Podophyllum hexandrum and synthetic modification of himachalenes and their biological activities Dr. Bikram Singh
73 Harleen Kaur Nadha Biological Sciences 2012-13 In vitro clonal propagation of some important woody bamboos and ascertaining their clonal fidelity. Dr. Anil Sood
74 Harsharan Singh Biological Sciences 2012-13 Cloning and characterization of genes involved in picrosides biosynthesis in Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex Bentham Dr. Sanjay Kumar
75 Hitesh Kumar Biological Sciences 2012-13 Molecular basis of stevioside biosynthesis in stevia rebaudiana bertoni, a source of non-calorific sweetener Dr. Sanjay Kumar
76 Naina Sharma Chemical Sciences 2012-13 Synthetic and bioactivity investigations of some phenolics and heteroaromatic compounds Dr. A.K. Sinha
77 Praveen Rahi Biological Sciences 2012-13 Selection of widespread genotypes of plant growth promoting bacteria from Lahaul and Spiti in the Western Himalayas for improving crop productivity Dr. Arvind Gulati
78 Priyanka Sood Biological Sciences 2012-13 Development of genetic transformation system for Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees et Arn. Ex Munro Dr. Anil Sood
79 Pushpinder Kaur Biological Sciences 2012-13 Synthesis of biologically active γ-butyrolactone derivatives and chemical investigations of Ginkgo biloba and Crataegus oxyacantha Dr. Bikram Singh
80 Ravi Shankar Biological Sciences 2012-13 Molecular studies on shikonin biosynthesis in Arnebia euchroma (Royle) Johnsto Dr. Sanjay Kumar
81 Upendra Sharma Chemical Sciences 2012-13 Phytochemical investigations of Tinospora cordifolia, Asparagus racemosus and synthesis of phthalimide derivatives for immunomodulatory active molecules Dr. Bikram Singh
82 Vinay Kumar Biological Sciences 2012-13 Metabolic engineering of tobacco with dihydroflavonol 4-reductase and anthocyanidin reductase for analyzing the influence on flavonoids and antioxidant systems Dr. Sudesh Kumar Yadav
83 Vivek Sharma Biological Sciences 2012-13 Cloning and characterization of antifungal glycosyl hydrolase genes from trichoderma spp mycoparasitic to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi Dr. V Shanmugam
84 Nandini Sharma/td> Chemical Sciences 2011-12 Chemical and biotransformation studies of some bioactive phenolics and heterocyclic compounds Dr. A.K. Sinha
85 Naosekpam Ajit Singh Chemical Sciences 2011-12 Molecular cloning, expression and characterization of chitinase fromm Antagonistic Psmdomona putida trevisan Dr.V Shanmugam
86 Pamita Bhandari Biological Sciences 2011-12 Studies on bioactive phytochemicals from Bacopa, Picrorhiza and Swertia sp. and synthetic modifications of major constituenb Dr. Bikrarn Singh
87 Vikas Jaitak Chemical Sciences 2011-12 Chemical invesiqation of medicinal and ammatic plank and synthetic modifications of organic molecules by chemical and enzymatic processes Dr.V.K. Kaul
88 Pankaj Bhardwaj Biological Sciences 2011-12 Development of molecular markers for evaluation of genetic diversity in Camellia sinesis (L.) 0. Kuntze Dr. R.K. Sharma
89 Pradeep Kumar Biological Sciences 2011-12 Bioprospecting low temperature related genes from the flora of western Himalayas Dr. Sanjay Kumar
90 Prashant Mohanpuria Biological Sciences 2011-12 Studies on expression and silencing of caffeine synthase in Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze Dr. Sudesh Kumar
91 Pratibha Vyas Biological Sciences 2011-12 Selection and biodiversity analysis of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria hmth e cold desert of Lahaul and Spiti Dr. Arvind Gulati
92 Rakesh Kumar Chemical Sciences 2011-12 Green synthesis of bioactive phenolics employing ionic liquids and microwave assisted approaches Dr. A.K. Sinha
93 Tanuja Rana Biological Sciences 2011-12 Molecular characterization and diagnostic development for Apple Chlomtic kqfspot virus Dr. A.A. Zaidi
94 Tejapl Gill Biological Sciences 2011-12 Expression analysis and performance of certain genes encoding antioxidant enzymes in Ambidupsis thulium Dr. P.S. Ahuja
95 Upendra Kumar Sharma Chemical Sciences 2011-12 Chemical investigation of some biologically active natural and non-natural Phenolics (C6-C1 to C6-C3 employing green methodologies Dr. A.K. Sinha
96 Yogesh Kumar Biological Sciences 2011-12 Genome organization and mechanism of RNA silencing suppression of Begomowituses infecting some solanacmus crops Dr.Vipin Hallan
97 Abhishek Kumar Chemical Sciences 2010-11 Synthetic studies of some bioactive Calkylated phenolics and heteroaromatic compounds using green methodologies Dr. A.K. Sinha
98 Neeraj Kumar Chemical Sciences 2010-11 Study towards biologically active molecules involving phytochemical investigation of medicinal plants as well as synthesis of glutarimide analogue Dr. Bikram Singh
99 Musharof M Hossain Biological Sciences 2010-11 Development of in vitro protocols for mass propagation and conservation of some economically important orchids Dr. Madhu Sharma
100 Pranbhjit Kaur Chemical Sciences 2009-10 Antigenotoxic Potential of Rubia cordifolia L. and Glycyrrhiza glabraL., Dr. Satwinderjeet Kaur*, Dr. Subodh Kumar* and Dr. Bikram Singh
101 Navtej Kaur Biological Sciences 2009-10 Genetic Improvement, Multiplication and characterization in species of sented rose Dr. P.S. Ahuja
102 Monika Gupta Biological Sciences 2009-10 Bio-efficacy and residue studies of neonicotinoids pesticides (imidacloprid and acetamiprid)in tea Dr. Adarsh Shanker
103 Sanjay Ghawana Biological Sciences 2009-10 Molecular aspects of Low Temperature Response in Rheum australeD.Don Dr. Sanjay Kumar
104 Amit Chawla Biological Sciences 2008-09 Landscape ecology of Kinnaur region of Western Himalaya using remote sensing Dr. A.K. Thukral*
105 Arti Rani Biological Sciences 2008-09 Cloning and characterization of selected genes of catechin biosynthetic pathway from Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze and the role of catechin in plant growth and development Dr. Sanjay Kumar
106 Koushalya Nandan Singh Biological Sciences 2008-09 Ecological studies on landscape elements, species diversity and ethnobotany of higher plants in Lahaul-Spiti region of Western Himalaya Dr. Brij Lal and Prof. NP Todaria*
107 Rekha Kushwaha Biological Sciences 2008-09 Selection, conservation and biochemical characterization of elites of Podophyllum hexandrum Royle and Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. under ex situ conditions Dr. Amita Bhattacharya
108 Sonia Malik Biological Sciences 2008-09 In vitro cultures of Arnebia euchroma (Royle) Johnst. and Rheum emodi Wall. for secondary metabolite production Dr. P.S. Ahuja
109 Vaishali Sharma Biological Sciences 2008-09 Purification and characterization of prephenate dehydratase, an intermediate enzyme of catechins and flavour components biosynthesis in Camellia sinensis Dr. Ashu Gulati
110 Vanita Chandel Biological Sciences 2008-09 Potyvirus(es) and Prunus species: Exploitation in virus management Dr. A.A. Zaidi
111 Monika Gupta Biological Sciences 2007-08 Bio-efficacy and residue studies of neonicotinoid pesticides(imidacloprid and acetamiprid) in tea Dr. Adarsh Shankar
112 Uksha Saini Biological Sciences 2007-08 Development of transgenics for osmotin and chitinase genes in Camellia sinesis (L.)O. Kuntze Dr. Amita Bhattacharya
113 Vinod Kumar Chemical Sciences 2007-08 Chemical investigations of some bioactive phenylethanoids and phenylpropanoids employing green methodologies Dr. A.K. Sinha
114 Anuj Sharma Chemical Sciences 2006-07 Synthetic studies of some functionalised phenylalkenes (C6-C2 to C6-C4 units)employing benign green chemistry Dr. A.K. Sinha
115 AR Sherpa Biological Sciences 2006-07 Molecular characterization of potexvirus (es) infecting some cultivated orchids Dr. A.A. Zaidi
116 Gaurav Raikhy Biological Sciences 2006-07 Molecular characterization and development of diagnostics against virus (es) causing mosaic-mottling disease in carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) Dr. A.A. Zaidi
117 Kashmir Singh Biological Sciences 2006-07 Cloning and characterization of gene(s) involved in catechin biosynthesis in tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) Dr. Sanjay Kumar
118 Shivani Guleria Chemical Sciences 2006-07 Fate of pesticides in tea Dr. Adarsh Shanker and Dr. Bikram Singh
119 Ajay Kumar Biological Sciences 2005-06 Bioefficacy and Pesticide Residue Analysis Study on Scented Rose and Mint Dr. Adarsh Shanker
120 Dharam Singh Biological Sciences 2005-06 Studies Organization of 5S Ribosomal RNA genes (5sr RNA) Camellia Sinesis (L.)O. Kuntze Dr. P.S. Ahuja
121 Lakhmir Singh Biological Sciences 2005-06 Studies on Motecular Machnism of Winter Dormancy in Tea (Camellia Sinesis (L.)O. Kuntze Dr. Sanjay Kumar
122 Narender Kumar Biological Sciences 2005-06 Adaptive Mechanism of Plants as High Altitude with Respect to Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism Dr. Sanjay Kumar
123 Rajesh Thakur Biological Sciences 2005-06 Designing and Standardization of Bioreactor Based System for Micropropagation of Liliums Dr. Anil Sood and Dr. R.C. Sobti*
124 Saurabh Kulshrestha Biological Sciences 2005-06 Molecular Characterization of the Virus Causing Rose Mosaic Disease Complex Dr. A.A. Zaidi
125 Jyoti Raizada Biological Sciences 2005-06 Cloning and Characterization of Polyphonol Oxidase Gene for Camellia Sinesis (L.)O. Kuntze Dr. P.S. Ahuja
126 BP Joshi Chemical Sciences 2004-05 Chemical Modification of Some Anumdantly Available Toxic Cis Pheylpropenes into Useful Value Added Products Dr. A.K. Sinha
127 Rashmita Sahoo Biological Sciences 2004-05 Identification, Characterization and cloning of Novel Superoxide Dismutase from Potentilla atrosanguinea Lodd. var. Argyrophylla (Wall. Ex Lehm) Griers: A Plant Species of High Altitude Dr. Sanjay Kumar
128 Kundan Kumar Biological Sciences 2004-05 Molecular Charaterization of Cucumovirus Infecting Chrysanthemums Dr. A.A. Zaidi
129 Anupama Sharma Biological Sciences 2003-04 Identification, isolation and characterization of lily viruses Dr. A.A. Zaidi
130 Meenu Katoch Biological Sciences 2003-04 Development of diagnostic kit against Bean yellow mosaic virus/Cucumber mosaic virus infecting gladious Dr. A.A. Zaidi
131 Dhiraj Vyas Biological Sciences 2003-04 Biochemical and molecular aspects of oxidative stress in tea(Camellia sinesis(L.) O. Kuntze) Dr. Sanjay Kumar
132 Bandana Dhiman Biological Sciences 2003-04 Develoment of species specific PCR primers for some common plant adulterants of tea Dr. P.S. Ahuja
133 V.HK Verma Biological Sciences 2003-04 Phytochemical studies of some medicinal and aromatic plants:Ajuga bracteosaLinn.,Tagetes minuta Linn.,Bauhinia variegataLinn. and Bothriochlea bladhiiKuntze Dr. Bikram Singh
134 Tapan Kumar Mandal Biological Sciences 1999-2000 Studies on RAPD markers for detection of genetic diversity, in vitro regeneration and Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of tea [Camellia sinensis (L.) O.Kuntze] Dr. P.S. Ahuja and Dr. P.K. Chand*
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